The First team competes in the Pacific Coast Soccer League and the development team plays in Men’s VISL, Division 2 in the preseason.


  • TBA

TRAINING BLOCK 1: Sept 2024– Dec 2024

  • Monday/Wednesday/Thursday

TRAINING BLOCK 2: Jan 2025– March 2025

  • Monday/Wednesday/Thursday

Physical Development: Primary development of aerobic power, acyclic speed and explosive strength.

Technical: Focus on speed of passing and receiving technique, ball controlling in small space, perception and quick execution of passing, overall ball control, receiving to turn at speed and finishing.

Psychosocial: Commitment to the team, increased concentration and self-control.

Tactical: Application of attacking and defending principles in SSG.

Social/Emotional: Cooperation, Communication, Respect and Discipline.


  1. Making passes, receiving to turn and finishing at speed under pressure
  2. Playing short passes at speed in small spaces.
  3. Coordination of tactical principles with teammates.
  4. Coordinate the counterattack and pressing in SSG.
  5. Show good fitness in mid/high demanding aerobic power practices.
  6. Showing good technique under pressure in fatigue.

“We need to develop individual players so every player within our academy has his own individual plan to make the steps needed to finally get to the very top. “We use our [academy] team more or less not to win games, but to try to develop as many individual players as possible .” –Eddie Mukahanana, Technical Director

Vancouver Island Soccer League